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Once Upon A Time....EAH Trilogy January Book Review

Once Upon A Time...

Those four words have introduced numerous tales for ages. Fairytales are treasured stories that have been repeated from generation to generation. But what if they were in danger of fading away forever? Would you be willing to step into a role and live out the character's destiny to ensure the story didn't disappear forever after? 

The story of Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends by Shannon Hale follows some of the most beloved fairytale characters of all time as they attend a magical high school where they are trained to follow their parents' paths. From the time of their birth they are taught they are destined to live out the stories their parents made famous. As long as they follow the rules, they are promised certain endings. The students' second year at Ever After High is known as Legacy Year. This is the year that students pledge to follow their destinies. Once they sign the fabled Storybook of Legends, they are magically bound to live out their fairytales.

For Apple White, daughter of Snow White, and the other royals, following their destiny means a promised happily ever after.  But destiny is not kind to all at Ever After High. What if following your destiny means becoming an evil, powerful villain feared by all when you dream of is being good and kind, a friend to all. What if you were forbidden to be with the one you love because you were destined to marry another? Many students of Ever After High are faced with dilemmas such as these, but, in the end, all choose to sign the Storybook of Legends, fearful of their stories, and they themselves, disappearing if they choose otherwise. That is, until one brave student, Raven Queen, daughter of the Evil Queen chooses to rebel. On Legacy Day she refuses to pledge to become evil and poison Snow White. Her decision throws the royals into chaos and empowers those who have been unhappy with their destinies but too afraid to act. The school is split into two sides: Royals and Rebels, those believe in following destiny and those who wish to write their own. What follows is an exciting tale giving well know stories a new twist.

I have always enjoyed stories of princesses and princes, heroes and villains, magic and wonder. So I thoroughly enjoyed reading this trilogy. It's rare that readers can root for the villain of the story, however I found myself doing just that. From the moment that Raven and Apple were introduced, I knew I would side with Raven. Apple believes that she is good because that is how her story is written, but I find her character superficial and selfish, It's like all she cares about is her own happily ever after. Raven seems more genuine and her struggles are more relatable. 

As for my favorite hero or "prince charming", I would choose Dexter Charming, youngest son of Prince Charming. Compared to his older brother Daring Charming, Dexter is awkward and a bit of a nerd. But where his brother is flashy, Dexter is sweet and caring. He is one of the few students at Ever After High that chooses to look past who Raven is destined to become and see her true heart.

Two of my favorite supporting characters are Madeline Hatter, Daughter of the Mad Hatter and Cerise Hood.

Maddie is Raven's best friend forever after and Cerise has a secret past that makes for a fairy interesting story. Raven and readers are privileged to learn more about Cerise in Book 2. There are many interesting side stories about the supporting characters that I enjoyed just as much as Apple and Raven's stories. One of my favorite couples at Ever After High besides Raven and Dexter are Ashlynn Ella, daughter of Cinderella, and Hunter Huntsman; Royal and Rebel. Another cute couple is Alistar Wonderland and Bunny Blanc, two wonderlandians surviving their cursed world by relying on each other. I will let you guess who their parents are. ☺

The third book in the trilogy focuses mostly on Wonderland characters and I have never been a big fan of Wonderland, so it was my least favorite book. But I still enjoyed finishing the story and I recommend the trilogy to everyone who enjoys a good fairytale with a little twist. Shannon Hale is a very talented writer and I have enjoyed her other stories as well. Another of her books I recommend: 

I hope you enjoyed my review as much I have enjoyed the world of Ever After High!



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