Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School Days

My goodness, what a day it has been today! It all began at 2:30 this morning. A cell phone ringing woke me up. Daddy answered it but no one said anything. It was a number we did not recognize. I went back to sleep and slept until 8:15 a.m. (later than usual for me). I ate breakfast and wrote an essay for my social problems class. By that time is was noon. Mama, my brothers, and I went swimming in our back-yard pool. At one I ate lunch and helped with chores from 2-4. The whole day I've been wanting to work on this blog so I could post it. Sorry it's late, but here it is....

Ring ring goes the bell...
It's time for a new school year once again. Some have already been in classes for a couple of weeks now. Others will not begin until after Labor Day. (Those lucky ducks) My fall semester started 2 weeks ago. So far it is going pretty well. I am not planning on this blog as being as long as the previous one. I just want to share a few personal memories, graphics, quotes, and songs with you all. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading!~Virginia

   As I wrote in my previous post, Mama taught me what I needed to know for my preschool and kindergarten education at home. For first and second grade I attend a public elementary school and then began homeschooling again from third grade to twelfth grade.  I have good memories from both experiences. A certain event that I witnessed in my second-grade year has inspired me to write a children's story about it. Maybe in another blog, when I have worked on the project more, I will write more about it. So stay tune. 
 1st grade class pic above

2nd grade class pic below

The first day I went to school my little sister cried because she missed me and wanted to go with me. She now tells me she was crying just because she wanted to ride the bus. I loved to ride the school bus. I pretended I was on a traveling bus, going on an adventure. My bus driver was the coolest. She would let us listen to the Space Jam song during our ride home sometimes. Each side of the bus sang a certain part. 

One day, though, she made us have a silent bus ride home. We were not even allowed to talk to other students. I guess she did not feel well that day. I loved book fairs, open house, field days, and field trips. One trip I remember most is when we visited a Christmas tree farm. I really had to go to the bathroom after a while and the cold weather was making it worse. I accidentally wet my pants. It was embarrassing, but my teacher, principal, and parents took care of me. I loved  music class. We also put on an awesome play called "Stone Soup". 
   The extra curricular activities got even better when Mama began homeschooling me. We've been on many memorable educational trips with the local home-school group and on our own. My favorite was when we visited the Mayfield plant and got free ice cream. I ate Super Man Flavor. I also loved back-to-school picnics, cookouts, and hiking. My favorite subject I remember from all my years of school, beside Bible, was a Science curriculum Mama used one year. It was really interactive. Mama has always been good at making learning fun and interesting.  

In high school , Mama used a video program to help with the tougher subjects. The video program filmed teachers at a Christian school in Florida and I was able to view the lessons on Dvd. My favorite video teachers were my English teacher and my Bible/History teacher. When I graduated I was able to do so with many other students who went through the same program. My family and I traveled to Florida and I got to meet some of my video teachers. It was a neat experience. 

   I wrote some about my college education in my previous blog. I am also thinking about writing a story about my journey to my degree. So many things have happened since my freshman year. I'm excited to work on this project as well. I will post more about as I do so.
   That is all of the personal school memories I am going to include for now. Here are some back-to-school pictures and quotes that I like. Note: I got most of my pictures from this website: Susan's Daily Dose .
"A teacher effects enternity: he can never tell where his influence stops." 
-Henry Adams-
"Books are friends that never fail."
-Somerset Maugham-

"There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live."
-James Truslow Adams-
"A teacher makes two ideas where only one grew before."
-Elbert Hubbard-
 "A great teacher makes hard things easy."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson-
"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island."
-Walt Disney-
"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher."
-Japanese Proverb-
"Life is painting a picture not doing a sum."
-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.-
"Life is a series of lessons that must be lived to be understood."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson-
"As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in schools."  
-Author Unknown-
"The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book." 
-Author Unknown-
"I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework."  ~Lily Tomlin as "Edith Ann"
“The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. The one who kneels to the Lord can stand up to anything.” 
"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." 
-John Dewey-
"I can't give you brains, but I can give you a diploma." 
-The Wizard of Oz-
“Boredom shouldn't be a problem for God's children--our Heavenly Father is so creative and delights in blessing us with ideas and opportunities to learn and grow in Him every single day of our lives--in sunshine and in rain, and warm weather and in cold!” 
-Tamara Eaton-

Finally I would like to share with you all this song Mama has sung to me ever since I was a little girl I'm not crazy about how the man in this video sings, but the lyrics are great. The chorus is my favorite! 
Have a wonderful school year everyone! Until next time~Virginia

Friday, August 19, 2011

Introducing Me

Time Travel has always interested me. I enjoy reading books and watching movies about it. I like to think it could be possible. One never knows. For my first blog, I would like to travel back in time. There are many places, times, and events we could choose to visit, and maybe for another blog I will do just that. However, the date I have chosen is not too far in the past. So, get comfortable in your favorite time traveling device, and please join me. I hope you will all enjoy the journey. 

The year is 1990, the start of a new decade. Many can probably remember the year well. The President of the United States of America was "Daddy" Bush, George H. W. Dan Quayle was the V.P. The Nation Federal Debt was $3206.6 billion. The price of a first class stamp was $0.25. A gallon of regular gas $1.16. Eggs were $1.00 a dozen. A gallon of milk was $0.99 to $2.78. The cost of a movie ticket was $4.23. The Simpsons and Seinfeld, two popular shows, although I am a fan of neither, debuted. 

The song of the year was “Wind Beneath My Wings” written by Larry Henley and Jeff Silbar, performed by Bette Midler. 

The movies Home Alone, Pretty Woman, Dances with Wolves, Back to the Future Part III, Cry Baby, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many other well-known and loved movies were released. These are only a few of the top ones and my favorites. Here is a link to others: 

August 19th, 1990, according to Mama, was an extremely hot and humid day. It was also the day I was born. My birth became a scary event for my parents when complications began to occur during Mama’s labor. When the medical professionals would turn her on one side my heart rate would drop, however hers would stabilize. The opposite effect occurred when they turned her on her other side. They were afraid that they might lose one, or both, of us. The doctor determined an emergency C-Section would be done. At 7:45 A.M., after 32 hours of labor, I came into the world, weighing 9 lbs. 1 oz. and measuring 21 inches long. I was my parents’ first child. Shortly after I was born, my dad had to run to the store for some things. He saw some people he knew there and they asked him “What did ya’ll have?” Meaning, was I a boy or a girl. He was so tired from lack of sleep that he could not remember, so replied, “We had a baby.” 

I do not remember much of the two years that followed, except that I was a happy and loved little girl. May 24, 1993 my parents had their second child, Elisabeth “Beth” Dianne Burford. I now had a little sister and an instant best friend. Since we are not far apart in age we’ve always been close. Sometimes it’s like we are twins. People even asked us if we were when we were younger. Physically you can tell we are sisters, however we have similar interests as well. We like a lot of the same kind of music, movies, books, clothes, activities, and even guys. We have our own personalities and our differences too, though. As much as we like to do things together, we have things we enjoy doing on our own as well. She loves being outdoors, sports, and going places where I would rather be indoors, reading or writing, at home. But it’s a good thing we are not exactly the same, because that would be boring. We are a nice balance. God knew what He was doing when He made us sisters.

The year 1995 was an important year for me. Something wonderful, incredible, awesome, and amazing happened to me early that year. April 1st, during a revival at Concord Baptist Church in Cohutta, Georgia, I accept Christ as my Lord and Savior. Bro. Doug Brandon was preaching. He was a great man for God and now he is living with his Heavenly Father in a perfect land. Even though I was only 4-years-old, I knew I was a lost sinner and I did not want to go to hell. I knew the only way to escape that eternal death, and receive eternal life, was to ask for God’s forgiveness and believe that He had sent His only Son to sacrifice His perfect, precious life in my place. He did this so I (and “whosoever will”) could accept His free gift of salvation and live with Him forever after this life is over. Three days after my Lord gave His life for me on the cross, he conquered death by taking the keys from Satan’s hands and rising from the grave. I can clearly remember when He saved me. The fear of hell disappeared and was replaced by a perfect peace. I can still feel it today when I ask God to carry me back to that time. Whenever the devil tries fill me with worry and doubt, God’s peace chases the lies away and His truth sets me free. I am far from perfect, though. I’ve failed God many times and fallen into temptations. I am so grateful my King’s “mercies are new every morning”. He is a forgiving and loving God. I am just a sinner saved by His marvelous grace. If you do not know the Lord in this way, I pray that you will accept Him as your personal Savior. JESUS SAVES! Here are some verses to read:
I had a wonderful childhood. I attended Varnell Elementary School for first and second grade. I did well and made friends, but a public education was just not the right fit for me. Mama felt God leading her to home school my sister and me. So from third grade to high school graduation I was taught at home. I learned everything I needed to know in a more comfortable environment and I still had friends. The best part though, was that I got to stay at home with my family. We are a closer family because of it. I thank God that He made it possible for me to receive my education this way. My childhood is filled with many special memories that I will treasure all of my life.

The year 2000 introduced a new millennium. My brother Isaiah was also born that year on May 14th. Mama did not carry him in her womb but she carried him in her heart. His birth parents could not care for him so God placed him in our home and allowed us to adopt him. On February 25th, 2003 he became Stephen Isaiah Burford. He is a special boy. He is very smart, when he wants to be, and creative. He can draw and build well. He is sensitive and caring. Always ready to help and laugh. He is a good brother and son and will one day be a good husband and father. He can give a great massage too. 

In 2002, our baby brother Timothy was born on January 24th. His name was changed to Timothy Bart Burford on February 9th, 2004, his adoption day. Timothy is a character. He is funny and full of energy. He’s 100% boy! The little girls love him, but he pretends he thinks girls are yucky. That will change soon enough. He is also very smart and strong. At the moment he is obsessed with Star Wars but this time next year it will probably be something else. I’m interested to see what God has planned for his future. Both he and Isaiah fit so well in our family it feels like they were born to us. “Love is thicker than blood.” I cannot imagine life without either of them.

In 2006 I did not just get my drivers license, I began having problems with my health. I visited different doctors and tests were run. It was a scary time because we did not know what was wrong. However, during that time of fear I found relief. God filled me with His peace and I knew that everything would work out according to His will. I didn’t understand why I was sick, but I knew God had His reasons. His way is always best no matter how hard at times. Some positive things I have gained through my sickness are: God drew me closer to Him, I learned to trust more in Him, and I believe He is preparing me to work in a field with patients who have conditions like my own. Because I have been in similar situations as theirs, I will be able to care for them better. In His time, God led us to the right doctor for my illness. In the fall of 2007 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. This is an illness that is kind of like an autoimmune disorder. My body basically turned against itself and began to attack. It affects every part of my digestive track and can cause annoying disruptions to everyday life. It is life-long and can cause death if it goes untreated. To find out more about it you can visit this website: . It took time to find the right combination of treatments for me, but God answered prayers again and by Summer 2008 I was in remission.
Earlier in 2008 I graduated high school. I had a party to celebrate with family and friends, and then went to Florida for my ceremony. My home school program was based out of Florida and I got to graduate with students from all over the world. It was a special trip. I had a great time! In August of that year, I began my college education. It’s been difficult. In the end, though, it will be worth it. At least, that’s what I am told. I’m working to earn my Associate’s of Science in Nursing (ASN) Degree. I’ve had my set backs, but I know God has a purpose for each. I hope to graduate with my ASN in May 2013. After graduation I want to work as a gastroenterology (GI ) nurse unless God leads me in a different direction. I also want to get my Bachelor degree in Nursing (BSN). Hopefully, one day God will allow me to marry the man He created for me and I will begin to live out what I feel is my true purpose in life, being a wife and a mother. I love children and would love to have a large family. But I will be content with what the Lord has planned for me. His plans are better than anything I could dream. I also want to use my talent for writing. I want to use all the gifts He has blessed me with for His honor and Glory. When I say I am a writer, I’m not claiming to be good. It’s just something that I enjoy doing and that comes naturally for me. I have so many ideas for stories that I want to get down on paper so I can share them with others. My hope is that people will enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them. That is, if I can ever find the time to write. It’s hard with school and other things. Maybe one day something of mine will be published. Only God knows.
 Well, I’ve written of my past and about my future dreams. Now I’ll bring our journey to an end in the present. It’s August 19th, 2011. My 21st Birthday. I don’t care anything about drinking alcohol, or whatever else it is legal for me to do now just because of my age. None of that stuff is my idea of a fun time. I would rather celebrate it with my family. Whatever we do, I will enjoy it because I am with the ones I love. And I will be able to remember because I’ll be sober. Personally, that’s how I prefer it. I’ve never tired, alcohol, drugs, or smoking and I honestly do not have the desire to ever do so. I’m not trying to brag or anything either. I’m thankful God placed me in a family who taught me right from wrong. These are just my personal beliefs. I’m not trying to judge anyone else. How you live is between you and your God. How I live is between me and my God. This blog space is for me to share my personal opinions. I realize not everyone will agree with me and that’s ok. I hope not to offend anyone. I’ve enjoyed writing this blog and I am looking forward to creating others. I am planning on trying to post one a week, Lord willing. This blog was an introduction. Not every one will be as long. Some may be longer. It depends on how much time I have to work on it and if I am in the writing mood or not. Sometimes I get writer’s block. I really hate when it happens. I’ve never been interested in writing a blog until recently. My mama’s blog and this website: inspired me to begin one. These two women are sweet, beautiful, talent women of God. Please check out their pages as well. Just to answer a few questions: My username on here is Butterscotch Dreamer. I chose this name because I wanted something different from my other user names. I like butterscotch and I am a dreamer. Also, I got my idea for the title of this blog from a cute song from the Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) Camp Rock 2. 

I hope you have enjoyed my first blog and will read others as I post. Thanks for reading and for joining me on my Path of Dreams. Have a blessed Friday, weekend, and week to come.~Virgina