Monday, July 4, 2016

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Good Morning Everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to read this update post. First of all, I have decided to place my retelling of the Nutcracker story on the backburner for now. I was not as disciplined a writer as I should have been, working on that project. I was working on that story for over three years and had exhausted myself with it. I still plan to complete it when the time is right; that time is just not right now.

I am, however, inspired and excited to be working on my new project, a story entitled Enchanted. I got the idea for my story while I was listening to a song. My idea started out as a music video then developed from there. This July I am participating in this year's Camp NanoWriMo, a website where writers all over the world come together to encourage each other to focus on their projects and complete their stories. My goal is to have written 31,000 words or more by the end of the month. Managing my writing time with the demands of everyday life has always been a struggle for me. But I am determined to write each day this month. Even I do not meet my goal by the deadline at least my story will have progressed. With prayers and support though, I believe I can achieve my goal.

So, again, thank you for your encouragement. It helps more that you know. You can read the synopsis of Enchanted as well as a short excerpt below.
NOTE: The following is from my first, unedited draft. Please excuse any and all mistakes. Thank you.

SynopsisFor seventeen years Elisina lived an enchanted life. Orphaned as an infant, she was taken in by her mother’s closest friend, the queen of Valyn. Growing up in the palace, side by side with the heirs to the throne, Elisina flourished into a beautiful, charming, lively young lady. When tragic events rip away the only family she’s ever known, she suddenly finds herself having to decide whether to honor her duty or follow her heart. Her choice could not only threaten her own life, but also the future of her kingdom.

Excerpt: Just as the darkness threatened to fully engulf Gwen, she sensed another person enter the room. She squinted against her blurry vision, attempting to identify the individual. Her oxygen deprived brain, however, refused to bring the person’s features into focus.
Gwen decided it made no difference who had entered her chambers, she was only grateful the Lord had answered her cry and had sent someone to help her. Her rescuer hurried to her side and pulled out an object that, although it was small, caught and held Gwen’s attention. The item was silver in color and reflected the light the sifted in through the windows. It took Gwen’s sluggish mind several moments to recall the name of the object. The person she had assumed to be her savior, clutched a knife in their hand. The blade hovered dangerously over Gwen’s heaving chest.
“Please,” Gwen begged weakly.
She could no longer hold on. It was too hard to continue the fight to breathe. She allowed her eyelids to close, placing her fate into the hands of the young woman who stood before her. The woman hesitated only a moment before plunging her knife downward. 

Thanks for reading and following my updates. I hope that you enjoyed the sneak peek. Thank you for your continued support. God Bless.

~Virginia Lynn Burford

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