Monday, February 4, 2013

Just a Lovely Little Update

Hello Everyone! 

I am extremely happy that it is February the month of Love! I have always loved this month and Valentine's Day! Even though I have never had a sweet heart to celebrate this holiday with, I have always had the best Valentine of all, Jesus! He sacrificed His very life just to save me! What more could a girl ask for? He's the perfect Valentine! (John 3:16)


January seemed to last forever for me! I do not want to wish my life away, but I am excited to be making progress with my education! I do not have too much longer now before graduation day! My clinical rotation has been going well so far. Although I miss my best buds (Sharon and Sabrina), I really like the new group I am with and the area I am in. The clinical area is an excellent learning/teaching environment. All of the nurses have been great. I feel like I am really growing into a nurse!


I wanted to update you all on my writing. My work on "Flight of the Bluebirds" is on hold for now. I am not motivated to write the story at the moment. I do want to finish this story in the future if it is God's will. In the meantime, I have be writing other stories. I am working on a story with my sister Beth. We have six chapters and over 11,000 words so far! After we have made more progress, I will post the title, synopsis, and an excerpt.
I am also working of another story of my own. It is a retelling on the Nutcracker. I got the idea while I was watching a movie with my sister. What if the nutcracker was bad and the rat king was good? I just began writing the third chapter but the first two chapters are both  good lengths.


I want to start writing more blogs and posting more updates about my writing. I also plan to include reviews of authors and books I am reading. Writing blogs gives me more practice writing. The more practice I get, the better writer I will become. Blogging updates about stories also excites me and motivates me to write more. I hope you all will read and leave comments, encouragement, and/or feedback. 


I would like to end this blog with a prayer request. A good family friend lost her mother over the weekend. Please pray for her and her family.Thank you!Have a good week! God bless!~V


  1. When in the world do you have time to write??????? or read anything but a Medical/Surgical book?????? You go girl! I love your writings!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! It is encouraging. I read and write whenever I can grab a spare minute, which is not often in nursing school as you know. Lol! Love ya, girl! Oh, and the reading of the med/surg book had to go for now. =)~V