Saturday, November 3, 2012

Exciting Announcement

November 3, 2012:
   I am very excited right now! Why? I writing my first novel! My family and friends all know that I love to write. It seems like I am writing all the time. However, I have yet to complete anything and try to get it published. With all of your prayers, I am ready to seriously commit to completing one of my stories. 
   One of my best friends (a talented writer herself) posted about a writers website on her facebook. (Thank you, Wren!) The link is Basically it's a website that challenges writers to complete their novels. It also links writers with others across the world so we can encourage each other. I think it is an awesome idea!
   Can you all help me out by praying that I am able to write as much as I can. Being in nursing school, I do not have much free time. When I do, I am usually too tired to work on my writing. I think it is just the Enemy trying to keep me from using my talents for God. Your prayers and any words of encouragement are appreciate it!
   I am looking forward to sharing my progress with you all. I will try to post a synopsis and excerpt  from my novel soon. As for now, I will share the title:

"Flight of the Bluebirds"

Have a blessed weekend everyone! Love in Christ, Virginia Burford

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